Why Fin?

We focus on creating experiences that will live on within a person’s memory for years to come. The equipment and service we offer is the vehicle that gets a guest there. Our network is selectively built with locations that are low risk and offer an exceptional experience. You host – we do all the work.

Gain additional foot traffic.

More opportunity to make a sale with your current operation.

Diversify your offering.

Keep a guest a little longer or bring them back more often.

Create an incredibly unique experience.

Combined with your current offering, Fin will set you apart.

Additional revenue stream.

Every rental from a Fin rack nets you extra revenue.

A full package.


We provide all equipment and installation.


We maintain all equipment to a high level.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support team is available to handle all issues.


Fin maintains all insurance and will provide you with a certificate of insurance.

Our program only requires a unique area for the type of activity and an access point – sometimes we don’t even need parking! Fin racks are mobile or semi-permanent (we deliver and setup), need no utilities, no staff, and no maintenance other than what we provide. We have experience installing on many surfaces.

Member location is tracked in real time for the duration of their rental and we recommend that members stay within a low risk geofenced area based on a location survey that we conduct before rack placement.

Everyday you look out at the water or that trailhead is a day you’re missing extra revenue. It’s time to get your location on the map. Contact us.

Next steps.


Contact us for a free site evaluation.


If your site is suitable, we install a rack and equipment.


We place your location in our network, marketing and attracting guests.

Welcome additional customers and guests as our members seek Fin rack locations so that they can easily and conveniently explore the area near your location!

Do you offer lodging?
Offer your guests, including our members, with an additional amenity – a paddling or bicycling experience just steps from their room.

Are you a waterfront restaurant?
Create an experience that goes beyond traditional dining and will generate return visits as guests reflect on their latest Fin experience over a post paddle meal or drink.

We work with parks and municipalities to offer visitors and community members an additional accessible outdoor experience. Our service provides safe, high quality, equipment in areas with public waterfront or trail access for those without their own kayaks or bicycles due to constraints such as:

  • the high upfront cost to quality equipment,
  • a lack of proper transportation, including the additional cost of a roof rack,
  • a lack storage space for equipment when not in use,
  • or lack of physical strength to lift equipment high enough to utilize a car roof rack.

Further, paddlesports are becoming rapidly known for the ability to offer accessible, safe, outdoor recreation for those with lower body disabilities allowing them to explore the outdoors in a manner far easier than traditional land based exploration.

Contact us today.

    Host a rack.

    Give your destination location one more reason to attract healthy active people to your town, business, or community. Become an official Fin location and meet the folks who aspire to do more with the world around them.

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